Date: 03-14-2017 - 03-18-2017
Stand: Hall 10.2, booth B80
City: Frankfurt
Country: Germany

Our Highlights at ISH 2017


Güntner: Operational reliability thanks to glycol collection system

As water/ethylene glycol mixtures are classified as fluids hazardous to water in Germany, operators of dry cooling plants usually use a closed circuit system for water protection. The Güntner Glycol Guard is a sophisticated glycol collection system with reliable monitoring of the ethylen glycol concentration of the waste water. The system's core is a specific sensor with integrated cleaning function developed by Güntner.
With a precision of +/- 0.3 % of glycol concentration, the operator can immediately react to minimum leakage and thus maintain the functionality of the plant.


thermowave: Be on the safe (high-pressure) side with thermolinePlus

In addition to the plate heat exchanger series thermolineVario, thermolineEco and thermolinePure, the company thermowave also offers the thermolinePlu series for high-pressure applications of up to 63 bar.
Apart from their outstanding efficiency, the apparatuses offer further advantages like a compact design, a small footprint, low weight and low refrigerant filling quantity.
With their high pressure resistance, they are predestined for applications using the natural refrigerant CO2. Therefore, they are ideal e.g. for heat recovery in CO2 cascade systems or for use in many industrial refrigerating processes and for heat pumps.
thermolinePlus apparatuses are made from laser-welded modules. The welded plate module forms a hermetically sealed flow channel. The laser-welded seams serve as sealing and ensure the highest operational reliability even in critical applications. During tests on the bursting strength of the laser-welded seams, pressure levels of 160 – 300 bar were tolerated, depending on the type tested.



JAEGGI: ADC Hybrid Blue, hygiene-certified

The Advanced Dry Cooler Hybrid Blue by JAEGGI combines the simplicity of a dry cooler with the flexible capacity increase of an adiabatic pre-cooling performed by humidification pads – for a hygienic operation without water treatment. The unit‘s capacity range from 50 kW to 2 MW at an impressively small footprint and its intelligent control for speed and humidification virtually covers each and every dry cooling application in the fields of industrial, HVAC and data centre applications.
Your advantages: The system was checked for aerosol output for enhanced legionella safety; no additional treatment required with mains quality water; modulating adiabatic control for lowest possible water consumption; and cost effective/energy efficient controls adapt to individual utility prices.



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