GHM Pump
GHM Pump

GHM Pump

Güntner Hydro Management GHM Pump


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GHM Pump

Güntner Hydro Management GHM Pump



  • Plug-and-play system via pre-configured system parameters
  • Easy integration into the building management system possible via several bus protocols
  • High operational reliability, error and alarm management
  • Only one interface to the cooler as all of the components are connected with the control system
  • Easy system configuration via display
  • Several modes of operation to choose from: Setpoint setting or specification via customer control
  • High operational reliability thanks to emergency mode and manual mode 


IP 54 protection rating

Area of application

  • ECOSS – Evaporative Condenser Stainless Steel
  • JAEGGI Hybrid cooler


Special features

  • Exact control of the condensation or return temperature via integrated PI controller
  • Blowdown control and water quality monitoring by measurement of the water conductivity
  • Level control with continuous level sensor and control of the valves for water inlet and drain
  • Capacity control by control of the circulation pump and the fans
  • Monitoring of the functionality of the circulation pump and the water supply
  • Configurable automatic drain of the system
  • Monitoring of the water consumption through the connection of water meters to controls
  • Control of the basin temperature possible with additional heating rods
  • Easy connection to the building management system via several bus protocols
  • Setpoint displacement possible according to ambient temperature or wet bulb temperature


Compatible with:

  • GMM EC

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